Thursday, 9 June 2016

What Guys REALLY Think When You Masturbate During Sex

It's a touchy subject.
When it comes to sex, we’re perfectly OK with discussing size, timing, and positions we love—but masturbation can seem a little too tough to talk about (even though we’ve been doing it way longer than we’ve been having sex.)
Masturbation is great for both your physical and mental health and a good way to learn about your sexuality. Many women can’t reach orgasm through penetration alone, and are only able to do so when they masturbate. So why not do it during sex?
Well, some women worry that touching themselves during sex might make their partner feel like he’s not enough for her or that he’s not doing it right.
So, I took it upon myself to find out what men really think when a woman gives herself a handy during sex—and if they think it’s hot. My informal poll of about two dozen guys found that most are cool with a woman masturbating during sex, and that they actually enjoy it. Only three guys thought it signaled they may be doing something wrong. (Note to these guys: You’re not.)
Here's what some of the guys had to say:
Hell Yes!
“Hey, why not! More touching, more feeling, more action!” —Kevin, 26
“I think it's her prerogative.” —Achal, 26
“I really like it and want it to happen more often. I’m doing something right and she’s into it.” —Andres, 27
“I think it is the best thing in the world. It’s better than waking up on Christmas morning to fresh chocolate chip pancakes, a winning lotto ticket, and a brand new car.” —Marcelo, 26
“I think it's pretty cool.”  —Jake, 26
“I think it's interesting.” —Cameron, 24
“Whatever. She chose to be naked with me.” —Brandon, 26
“I find it sexy.” —John, 26
“It’s not really a problem. It adds to the experience.” —Brian, 33
“Using my tools or hers?” —Justin, 30
“I don't care, as long as I'm enjoying it and can get off. I’m doing something right and she’s into it.”—Gus, 27
"Don’t care much at all—leaning positive"—Adam, 25
“I don’t care what a chick does as long as it doesn't mess with my rhythm." —Roberto, 30
"I'm totally into a girl getting herself off."—Nic, 26
Maybe, Baby?
“It depends. Some women may need that additional stimulation. Other women may simply like it or think that I like that she masturbates. On the other hand, there is always the possibility that I'm doing something wrong.  If the sex was in a one-night stand context, I wouldn't think of it, but in a relationship I would ask her why she does it.”— Andrew, 29
Hard Pass
“I’d feel offended! She should do that on her own time” —Joshua, 28
“No way! I would want to know what I’m doing wrong! Why am I not pleasuring you the right way? Yes, she should do that on her own time” —Steve, 27
“Nope! Totally not ok. I’m doing something wrong, and we should work on that. It's a complete turn off.” —Ben, 25
For the women out there who have doubts or are too shy to masturbate during sex, talk to your partner, as you can see: Most men actually love it!

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