Monday, 6 March 2017

Forget the G-Spot—Touch Her Here Instead

You no longer need a map to find her pleasure zone
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Your long hunt for the G-spot just got a little easier: There’s not one specific spot that functions as a magic button for women’s pleasure.
It’s actually a larger erogenous zone that encompasses several different organs, finds an Italian study.
Researchers call this the “clitourethrovaginal complex” (CUV), a mouthful of a term that includes the front of the vaginal wall (the side toward the belly), the urethra, the paraurethral glands, and the inner “roots” of the clitoris.
Stimulating this region doesn’t just give her serious pleasure—it may also help trigger vaginal orgasms, which researchers describe as longer-lasting experiences that radiate through the whole body.
“We found by ultrasound that external masturbation of the outer clitoris activates blood circulation only in the clitoris,” says study author Emmanuele Jannini, M.D. “But inner stimulation during penetration may activate blood circulation in all the CUV structures.”
Instead of focusing all your attention on one tiny spot, just make sure to target the front of her vaginal wall. Rear entry and woman-on-top are two of the best positions to help you reach the area, though it varies for each woman, says Dr. Jannini.
And you can use your hands, too. Inserting one or two fingers, palm up, and making a “come here” motion may stimulate the CUV region, Dr. Jannini says. Vibrators designed to hit the G-spot could also work for some women.


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